About creARTivism

There’s lots of stuff people can disagree with, but it’s safe to say that Bob Dylan can get his point across better than most of us. And a picture is worth a thousand words – unless they are song lyrics, maybe.

Music, street art, movies and other types of art can grab our attention and direct it towards things that really matter. They can make us understand the issue itself and, most importantly, motivate and empower us to live up to our ideals.

For example, when you think about buying a fur coat (which you probably don’t because it’s not the 90s and you’re not a cliché caveperson), it’s easier to remember powerful anti-fur art than statistics before you can happily move on to a better choice.

Long story short, this is a place where social and political issues collide with art.

Each article includes links so you can learn more about the issues – either through multimedia content overlaid on images (example) or in the article text.

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