World War I Photos – exactly 100 years after the shots that started it

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2 Responses

  1. Arfst Wagner says:

    This may return never, never, never. And in no variations. But the time now is a time of war in many countries on earth. And a world of poverty. All 4 seconds a child died of hunger. Its a real shame. We need solidarity and we need a world where people give freedom to one another. Thank you for this impressive page and the fotos! Best regards! Arfst Wagner (from Germany)

    • creARTivism says:

      Hi Arfst,

      in Sarajevo the anniversary of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was marked by a show named „A Century of Peace after a Century of War“. It seems like they already forgot this century’s wars: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Georgia, Chad, Somalia, Sri Lanka…

      So, tragically, history will keep repeating itself, humanity never learns.

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